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Burning Floral, ink on paper, 32 x 44" printed at SAGAMIE, Centre d'art actuel / Contemporary Art Centre, Alma, Québec

Cold Drive 2000, oil and digital media on vellum, series of 248 works, 24x30 cm, 2000-06

The Artist's Mind? Urban/ Suburban interspersed with brief intervals of disco madness.

Study drawing for Ecotopia, ink on paper, 27 x35 cm (10.6" x 13.8") 2010

Geometric Sunshine, acrylic on wall, University at Buffalo Center for the Arts, Beyond/ In Western New York, dimensions variable, 2007 Photo: Biff Henrich, Keystone Film Productions Inc

Real Estate Flowers, wall drawing installation at the Kelowna Art Gallery, dimensions variable, December 2007

untitled, conté on vellum, 36 x 40" (91.44 x 111.76 cm) 1992